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Operating Practices for Induction Furnace

Operating Practices for Induction Furnace

The electric induction furnace is a type of melting furnace that uses electric currents to melt metal.

Dated : September 4,2023

Adi Castings Advantages

Can ADI replace Steel Castings?

This question can be answered when we compare the properties of ADI and Steel w.r.t Manufacturing ease, cost competitiveness

Dated : August 16, 2023

Austempered Ductile Iron

Austempered Ductile Iron

ADI is a special type of cast iron. It exhibits higher wear resistance, tensile strength, and toughness than other ductile irons

Dated : August 12, 2023

Why Do Iron Casting Foundries Prefer High Quality Ductile Sg Iron forCasting

Why do Iron Casting Foundries prefer high quality Ductile (SG) Iron for casting?

The Spheroidal Graphite (SG) cast iron is also known as nodular cast Iron, Ductile Iron.

Dated : August 10, 2023

Grey Iron Casting vs. Ductile Iron Casting

Grey Iron Casting vs. Ductile Iron Casting

In the manufacturing industry, the casting business is making huge steps forward. Casting is becoming the most popular way to

Dated : June 25, 2023

Impact of Casting Solutions on Agriculture and Industrial Growth

One industry where there is no chance of a drop in demand is agriculture. People are having more children at

Dated : May 11, 2023

How Indian iron-casting foundries will change in the future

Predictions are a way to get the most out of business purchases. In terms of industrial growth, every business has

Dated : April 1, 2023

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