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Manufacturing Complex Grade Castings

JS Autocast has successfully produced parts which are complex in nature. This has been achieved by deploying systems and processes such as early design review, simulation and monitored process controls at every stage.

We are equipped and experienced to produce Any Special grades as per Customer expectations or International Standard Specifications like IS, ASTM, AISI, SAE, UNI, UNE, DIN, EN, JIS. Some of the general alloys that we handle regularly are mentioned as follows,

  • ENGJS –400-18LT : Impact resistance at -20 C
  • ENGJS –500-7: Complex castings for wind applications
  • ENGJS –500-14 : First foundry in India to develop this grade with impact resistance at -40 C
  • CGI: High tensile & elastic modulus
  • Ni-Resist: For increased corrosion resistance
  • HiSiMo: Complex Grade to withstand high temperature
  • ADI castings – High tensile & Yield strength
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