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The Off-Highway industry relies highly on large equipment and vehicles for operations and transportation. These geometric elements are designed and influenced by the psychology of the driver; the characteristics are ensured. Our castings are used in Mining, Construction, Excavation & other related applications. The products are axle housings, Trumpets, Spider planetary gear, cover and bracket assembly, Disc brakes & pistons.

Disc Brakes

Disc Brakes

Brake Disc Cast Iron is the critical components impacting the efficiency of the braking system. The brakes are cast with precision and accuracy to enhance performance efficiency. We, the Manufacturers of Disc Brake Casting, have the facility and expertise to cast products of defined specifications and requirements.

Uniform Thickness : Uplifts performance, extends the shelf life of the component, and delivers reliable functioning.

Braking Surface Finish : Enables rigid connection and flawless braking operation.

Close-dimensional Tolerance : Eliminates the chances of generating disc vibrations that typically occur when the braking system is applied.

Correct Casting Hardness : Withstand wear and tear, maximizing the braking system's performance.

The Gray Cast Iron Automotive Disc Brake is a single-unit component comprised of cast iron connected to the wheel hub. The braking system integrated into the wheel is designed to accompany the fitting of two pads, which are sandwiched and connected to the stub shaft. When the brakes are applied, the hydraulic mechanism takes place and forces the piston in the opposite direction, making the sandwiched Brake Disc stop the wheel rotation by creating friction. This system assures consistent braking, bears the thrust load, and has a simple design for efficient installation. The Brake Disc Castings have a competitive advantage in enabling immediate reaction to the applied braking force. The disc pad allows the brakes to cool within a short span as the discs are attached to discrete positions of wheel rotation. The brake disc castings on both sides experience an equal force, which assures reliable braking.

The Cast Iron Brake Disc comprises brake pads, a calliper, and the rotor. As soon as the brakes are used, the calliper constricts the brake pad against the wheel rotor, which creates friction between the wheel and the disc, resulting in slowing down the rotational speed.

Spider-Planetary Gear

Spider-Planetary Gear

A Planetary Gear Iron Casting is a component designed to have an assembly of spur gears. The sun gear is a critical part that impacts the proper functioning of the planetary gear system. This part delivers the input to resume the desired operation. A Cast Iron Planetary Gearbox has more than three driven gears designed to rotate, encompassing the sun gear. The rotational angle of the ring gear creates an internal spur gear formation inside the gearbox. The gears are evenly installed and placed around the sun gear. When the Cast Iron Gears are subjected to work, the design of the rotation is highly rigid and rugged. The alterations made to the career and sun gears impact the workability, and the desired output can be derived.

The Planetary Gearbox Casting works on the basic principle that the spur gears move anti-clockwise to the clockwise rotation of the sun gear at the same plane. Spur gears are the conventional gears that are in use and preferred in the construction of gearboxes, which are designed to deliver simple functions. Hence, the cutting edges of the gears have a standard cut. Whereas the bevel or herringbone gear has a complex and unique cutting edge on the tooth, The power, torque, and speed that can be delivered by the gearbox rely on the tooth shape of the gear edge.

Industries and Applications that Use Planetary Gearing

Planetary Gear Castings created a significant impact across various industries, empowering the product's efficiency to the maximum limit. The gearbox is preferred in applications such as automotive, off-road transmission, wheel drive motors, and much more. It controls the torque and speed of the internal combustion engines.

Planetary Gearing in Unique Processing Applications

Log decks, debarking equipment, sawing applications, pulp washers, and vacuum filters are the products that significantly rely on the functionality of planetary gear, as these products work on their basic principles. The Cast Iron Gearbox delivers diverse applications in industries including sugarcane, phosphate, steel mills, cement conveyors, mixers, and drums. The uniqueness of the planetary gearbox is its high ratio potential, compact design, and ruggedness. We, the Casting Manufacturer of Planetary Gearbox, have the expertise in casting product with unique features and specifications.

Housing Axle

Housing Axle

Cast Iron Axle Housing are the components that control the functioning of the vehicle's wheels. The applied driving torque on the wheels is influenced by the turning inner axle cores. The direction of the wheels to be rotated is controlled by the axle and wheel assembly. The outer tube is mounted on the Cast Iron Axle at a definite fixed angle to the vehicle which ensures proper mobility. The solid Axle Housing Castings are designed to have a high load-bearing capacity subjected to the load of the vehicle in addition to the cargo weight. The non-driving axles serve the functionality of providing suspension and steering control. These axles are equipped in heavy-duty trucks, vans, and two-wheel-drive light trucks. The rear beam Iron Casting Axles are mostly attached to the front-wheel-drive cars.

The Housing Axle Iron Castings are exclusively designed to transfer the applied torque to the vehicle wheels and facilitate suspension provision. The angle of the wheel hubs is positioned based on the requirements and the functionality they serve. The latest model cars and SUVs are equipped with this Casting Axle Housing suspension system. The half axles are designed to act as load-bearing suspension arms. We, the Cast Iron Axle Housing Manufacturer, have the production capability to engineer products with precision and accuracy.

The unique feature of the independent drivetrains is that they are integrated with differentials. The provision for fixed axle housing tubes is not integrated, yet it does not impact the functionality. The Differential Axle Casting is designed to be assembled with the vehicle frame, body, and gearbox. The torque is transferred to the wheels by the axle shaft through the constant-velocity joints. The drawback of the driveshafts is that the axle does not bear the vehicle weight or cargo load. It acts as a suspension system.

Other Applications

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