Automated moulding machines have led to efficient operations

Equipped with HPML

Equipped with HPML Disa Moulding Machines

With the availability of high-pressure DISA machines, jolt and squeeze as well as hand-molding equipment, we can humbly say that no complexity among DI castings is out of our coverage area.

Our molding process has kept at pace with the best practices and standards in the Foundry industry. Since we prefer moulds that have thermal conductivity and high heat resistance, the process defines the technical properties of output. The robotic grinding machines give us an edge over competitors w.r.t the casting finish.

Key Features

State-of-the-art DISA machines for moulding

  • DISA Match – 20” X 24” with box size of 508X610X200+200
  • DISA 2070-B with box size of 950X800X350~650
  • DISA flex 90 with box size of 1200X900X400+400
  • DISA George Fisher with Box size of 700X500X 200+200
  • DISA MATIC 130B with Box size of 650x535x180~350

Sand Plant

  • Intensive Mixer DISA TM285
  • Sand Multi controller (SMC)
  • Kunkel Wagner sand cooler – ASK 150
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Core Shops

Core Shop

  • Specialized in cold box, Hot box, Co2 core process.
  • Core shooter capacities ranging up to 50kgs
  • CO2 core weight up to 500kgs
  • Cold box core shooter -Laempe
  • Hot box shooters -SUSHA
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