Testing & Quality Analysis

Encompassed with Extensive In-House Testing Capabilities for Quality Casting

Testing Equipments

High end equipment for high precision and accuracy of output

JS Autocast incorporates bench-marked testing facilities to ensure the highest possible standards for each of its finished products. We are one of the few foundries in India with extensive in-house testing capabilities.

Our testing capabilities are complemented by the extensive research facilities at KCTI, Pune.

Some of the testing equipment comprise of:

  • Chemical testing – 2 X 31-element spectrometers
  • Mechanical testing - Universal Testing Machine (UTM), Impact analyzer with subzero bath, Fatigue and fracture testing
  • Optical testing – Carl Zeiss Metallurgical microscope with image analyzer.
  • Dimensional testing - CMM with scanning probe, Contour profile tracer and Height gauges.
  • NDT Testing - (UT & MPI)—Level II, Rad check meter, 3D Scanning, Endoscopy, videoscopy.
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