R & D Facility

State-of-the-art R&D Facility for Developing Innovative solutions for global Customers

Kalyani Centre for Technology & Innovation(KCTI)

The KCTI is recognized by the Department of Science and Technology (DSIR), Government of India. It is ISO17025 NABL certified and acknowledged as Approved Lab by Rolls Royce and Boeing.

KCTI has fully equipped in-house to digital libraries and World-class patent search engines. The Institute is house to 200+ researchers, having filed 60+ Patents since 2007. This institution has collaboration with top global academic institutions and research facilities.

At KCTI, we leverage our in-house innovation, R&D and engineering skills in developing and implementing innovation and technology strategies to create new and differentiated products.

Our research domain at Kalyani Centre for Technology and Innovation (KCTI) also encompasses the following categories.

Product Design & CAE which include

  • Mathematical Modelling
  • Advanced Technology Advancement
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Component Weight Optimization

Advanced Machining which involves

  • Technology Enhancement
  • Process Improvement
  • New Product Development

Material Science & Metallurgy involving

  • Material Selection
  • New Material Development
  • Failure Analysis & Problem Solving
  • Advanced Material Characterization
  • Heat Treatment Process

Our Lab Facilities include

Metal processing and Analysis

  • Heat Treatment
  • Metallography
  • Optical microscopy
  • SEM Analysis

Material Testing

  • FE Analysis
  • Creep testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Fracture Mechanics
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