Post Production Process

Practising innovative Melting Techniques for producing high Quality Castings

Post Production

Equipped with In-house fettling, heat treatment, thermal spraying capabilities

Heat Treatment (CQI-9 Certified)

We also offer our heat treatment services specialised in the production of grey cast iron, spheroidal graphite iron. Our installations include heat treatment furnaces, which allow us to carry out these operations on site, without additional transport costs or timescales.

Heat treatment allows for improving and optimising the mechanical characteristics of our raw cast parts. We have 6 Bogie Annealing, Normalising and Stress relieving our equipment is managed by programmable PLC with treatment traceability.

Robotic Fettling

We use ROBO STUDIO Software to control the process. There are many benefits that come with robotic automation of grinding and finishing. Robots are inherently repeatable, which addresses inconsistencies in throughput and part quality. Further, robots can work much longer hours without breaks, contributing to higher overall throughput levels.

DISA Shotblasting, Tumblast and nozzle blast

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