HiSiMo & CGI

Complicated grades such as HiSiMo & CGI fall under our capability range.

High Silicon Molybdenum

High Silicon Molybdenum is also referred to as HiSiMo Ductile Iron.

This material is a variation SG Iron that offers superior heat resisting characteristics. High Silicon Molybdenum is typically the choice of engineers for such applications as turbochargers, manifold castings, and any high temperature application were resistance to higher service temperatures.This material also offers good performance under thermal cycling conditions.

The enhanced heat resisting properties of High Silicon Molybdenum is achieved by the addition of varying degrees of Silicon and Molybdenum and carefully controlling carbon levels.

  • Castability - High Silicon Molybdenum offers all the benefits of SG Iron in respect of near finished casting shape. Complex casting shapes with many changes of section can be cast.
  • Machinability - HiSiMo is easily machined. The machining stock levels can be kept to a minimum. The hardness range of this HiSiMo is typically 200 – 230 BHN.
  • Cost - This material has a much lower manufacturing cost than heat resisting steels.
  • Applications - HiSiMo Iron is often utilized in the manufacturing of components subjected to high loads, wear, and thermal stress.
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Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), also known as Vermicular Graphite Iron.

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI), also known as Vermicular Graphite Iron.

Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) is a type of cast iron that exhibits a unique microstructure composed of compacted graphite nodules within its matrix.It falls between the traditional grey iron and ductile iron in terms of graphite structure and mechanical properties. The formation of compacted graphite nodules in CGI is a result of specific alloying elements and a controlled cooling process during casting.

Compacted Graphite Iron Castings has a greater tensile strength than Grey Cast Iron. It is almost twice as strong as Grey Cast Iron, but it retains the ability to be produced cast near to shape and has low manufacturing costs.

They possess good fatigue properties, ease of machining, good thermal and damping properties make this an ideal choice for applications such as engine blocks, flywheels, clutch components, piston rings, turbo housings, exhaust manifolds and brake drums.

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Compacted Graphite Iron
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