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Design And Development of DI Castings

Design & Development of DI Castings

The design process of castings is not just about their functionality but also various aspects such as product robustness, efficiency, reliability, durability, and machinability. The design process plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality castings.

The product requirements from every customer is unique with different sets of specifications posing a new challenge. At JS Autocast, technology-driven processes are practiced for the design and development. The castings are tailor-made according to the requirements of customers. JS prides upon providing “Finish-machined” castings with customer desired quality meeting the OTD requirements.

Use of Magma Software for defect-free simulation

Software tools such as the Magma Iron ensures defect-free castings at the simulation stage itself. The software automatically runs and assesses the casting drawings and provides the right inputs in the form of thermal images. The simulation system analyses the nitty gritty of the process which aids in better decision-making.

Use of 3D

Using the latest Solidworks, and CAD Modelling, our design team provides the necessary casting designs as per the drawings and also reverse engineering when needed within the boundary conditions. The use of 3D helps in increasing the efficiency and speed of design, thus reducing the lead time and ensuring quality.


The design and development process plays a pivotal role in producing defect free castings. With efficient designs, optimum resources and manpower along with up-to-date technology, this process becomes seamless and hassle-free.

Design and Development at JS Auto

Js Autocast has a team of in-house team of designers and professionals for simulation. The team keeps in touch with our valuable customers for technical reviews during the design phase for capturing the “Voice of customer” and understanding their requirements. With robust and up-to-date technology, Js Autocast provides superior quality and reliable castings within tight timelines. With an efficient and dedicated design and development team, JS AutoCast developed 186 new products in FY24. For more information, visit

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