World’s leading brands as our customers for raw and machined castings

Incepted in 2004, JS Auto Cast Foundry India Pvt. Ltd is a reputed ductile iron foundry manufacturing raw and machined castings for many internationally renowned brands.

Our manufacturing reliability, precision, durability, cost-effectiveness and innovative products are benchmarked with the best in the global industry.



Cutting edge manufacturing technology


Core Competence

Innovation. Precision. Proficiency. Intricacy

We have an equally strong team of proficient engineers, supervisors and high skilled workers, who have helped us grow by leaps and bounds in the last decade. The demonstration of our commitment towards providing our customers with their month on month requirements has made most of our customers buy more than 15 to 20 products right within the first year of beginning a relationship. We are an efficient, effective, state- of-the-art organization capable of delivering the needs of our customers at cost-effective prices.

Along with our own cutting-edge innovative tools for operational management, we also foster contemporary digital and cloud technologies, our process & data integrity are benchmarked with the best international manufacturing practices. While making thousands of different castings every year, we measure our success with two goals: Quality of our product & Customer Satisfaction.

Markets & Domains

Exploring New Horizons

We work with an extensive customer base across the globe, whose product demands are from a broad range of markets and applications. From small intricate parts to large parts of wind turbines, we can meet customer specific requirements. We have strong business acumen in export markets as well; we have supplied our products across the globe both on VMI basis and direct supply.

The domains we cater to - Hydraulics, Agriculture, Infrastructure, Material Handling, Automotive, Mining, Wind Energy, Marine Application, Oil & Gas, Valve & Pumps, Power generation and Industrial Application.

We are strategically located at Coimbatore, which gives an advantage and have been able to reach out to a broad client spectrum all over the world. The place is a hub of manufacturing industries and well-connected to Airports and international harbours.

Best Practices

Being in the foundry business, we know that maintaining environmentally sustainable practices like recycling will ensure our success. We produce new products from recycled iron and we keep re-using some of our raw materials to create long lasting castings. As per our policy of efficient energy management, we also make sure to use alternative natural resources productively and give back equally to the society & follow a safe environment inside our plant.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Happiness is giving back

Rural Health Clinics

  • We run two separate free clinics for the villages of Kuppepalayam & Sembagoundenpudur.
  • Doctors are available for consultations on all days & all medications are given free of charge.

Free Supplementary nutrition kiosk

  • We run a free supplementary nutrition clinic which gives free Ayurvedic medicines and other nutrition supplements to residents of the villages.
  • Vigil Mechanism

Rural Health Camps

  • We conduct free eye camps, dental camps, with doctor check-up camps & other health camps once a month
  • We also have specialist doctors visiting the rural health centers every week.

Rural Waste Management

  • We aim to make the 8 villages we have adopted minimally waste generated villages by 2020.
  • CSR Policy

Our Green Policies

Happiness is giving back

Green Campus

  • We are very passionate about maintaining a lush-green atmosphere in our campus.
  • We constantly increase the green cover and well-maintain it and as a testimony, we are recognized as an environmental friendly foundry.

Rainwater Harvesting

  • We have built a large rainwater harvesting tank inside our campus to collect and store rain water and increase the water table.
  • This is one of the largest tanks in any industrial campus in this area.

DISA Fume Extractor

  • We maintain and follow stringent pollution control norms to ensure do not harm the society we work in.

Waste Management

  • We have successfully implemented a three-bin waste management system in the company.

Other Green Initiatives

  • Reduction in water consumption by 60%.
  • Vision to promote, reuse & recycle used foundry materials.

and Awards

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We produce innovative, transformative, sustainable solutions for all the industries.